We’re BACK!!

It’s been an amazingly busy weekend but I am so happy to announce that we are back on stage!

This weekend we performed our, very sadly cancelled, production of Iolanthe at the Maltings Theatre in the Roman Amphitheatre in St Albans on Sunday. On Monday I also got to perform with two of my favourite colleagues, Phil Lee & Matthew Kellett in Charles Court Opera’s new show Express G&S, devised by John Savournin & David Eaton. The show is a madcap murder mystery as we take on a multitude of characters, uncover clue upon red herring, while ripping through the G&S operettas with a cake soaked butter knife.

It’s been completely exhausting but amazing to be back on stage after a year & two months of virtually no stage shenanigans. We’re back to St Albans on the 16th & 17th June with Iolanthe & then doing a run of Express G&S at the Pleasance Theatre in North London at the end of the month before heading off on tour. If you would like to see either of these shows or see where we’re touring to the have a look HERE.

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